How to avoid an Awful Dubai Desert Safari experience|

A holiday vacation should be memorable and perfect. You look forward to it because you need a break from daily routines; go somewhere far away from your city or country for a much-needed change. People take vacations so that they can recharge and have a refreshed mindset before returning to the real world. The least they dread is to have a bad experience that will spoil their vacation. Proper planning before the start of the journey and keeping in mind certain tips will ensure in avoiding uneasy situations. For those who chose Dubai as their ideal vacation destination, the glorious sand dunes of Dubai have always managed to appeal Dubai holidaymakers. Many visitors are particularly keen to experience the excitement of Dubai desert safari.  Dubai’s desert being a contrasting destination as compared to the contemporary landscapes of Dubai city may need some extra planning to avert an awful Dubai experience. Here are some useful tips that will be of guidance for a smooth and enjoyable Dubai desert safari.

  • Plan your Dubai desert safari tour through a reputed and reliable travel operator. An expert in Dubai tour packages who knows every aspect of a Dubai holiday will make certain that you get the best package at discounted prices along with quality services. Look for customer reviews about the tour operator to get a positive feedback before you go ahead with a desert safari booking. Also, make your special needs or food preferences clear to the tour operator to customize your package as per your needs for a comfortable experience.
  • Choose a desert safari tour that suits your itinerary. You will not be enjoying much if you have a hectic travel day. Space out your days so that you get ample time to enjoy the desert experience. You have the option of morning, afternoon, afternoon till evening and overnight desert safari tours. If you are opting for a half day desert safari tour, then it would be wise to take the rest of the day to relax. If you do not wish to waste the remaining part of the day, then opt for subtle experiences such as a delicious dinner on a cruise, on top of Burj Khalifa or any other iconic sights of Dubai.
  • Dubai desert safari offers loads of adrenaline rushing sand activities. Some of the activities included are the 4×4 land rover sand dune bashing and quad biking. These rides are quite bumpy as these vehicles zoom on the uneven desert sand dunes. Hence it is best if you have a light snack before your sand dune bashing activity. This will immensely help you in case you have motion sickness or cannot handle a wobbly stomach. Eating light meals before your desert trip will also make you feel less nauseous.

    Belly Dancing in Dubai
    Belly Dancing in Dubai
  • Always check the best time of the year to visit Dubai. Usually, November until February is the ideal time for desert safari tours as the deserts have cooler and milder weather during these months than rest of the year. Also, it is better to avoid travelling during the holy month of Ramadan. During this month, there are certain customs to be followed by everyone in Dubai irrespective of religion. Also the shops and restaurants won’t stay open throughout the day during Ramadan. Desert safari tours during this month will not provide belly dance, Tanoura shows, and sheesha or alcoholic beverages.
  • It is crucial that you dress in comfortable clothing during a Dubai desert safari tour. Avoid tight fitted clothes or materials that don’t breath. The afternoon sun in the desert can be very harsh but it tends to cool down as the day fades into darkness. Hence it is recommended to wear layers of clothing so that you can put on an extra cardigan if you feel the weather getting chilly. Prefer wearing sandals or flip-flops rather than closed shoes so that you can get rid of the sand getting into your footwear without any hassles. It is better to avoid wearing any kind of jewellery, chunky accessories or carry personal belongings on your desert trip. Carry what is absolutely needed like some cash and a good digital camera. There is no point carrying a mobile phone on a desert safari as you won’t get enough network range to make or receive calls. Also, you do not have to carry water along with you as there are plenty of water and beverages available at comfort stops and desert camps.
  • Plan your Dubai desert safari keeping in mind the age group of your members travelling with you. Sand dune bashing may not feel that exciting for elderly people. Kids below age of 5 years may feel irritated and get cranky due to the heat and grainy sand sticking on to their body and clothes. If you are travelling with family that has elderly people or children, you can still enjoy the deserts on other activities which are milder than the sand sports. An evening tour to the desert is popular among families where you get to enjoy the traditional aspect of a desert safari. It offers a relaxed experience in a desert camp such as enjoying stunning desert sunsets and stargazing, trying on traditional Arabic attires and temporary henna tattoos, and relishing a scrumptious Arabian dinner right in the middle of the desert.
  • Try not to get allured by tourist shops that sell souvenirs and merchandises in the desert camp as there is a good chance that you can get duped into paying more than its actual worth. If you want to purchase a keepsake, you can get these at the airport, Dubai shopping malls and Dubai Souks at reasonable prices.
  • As with any holiday vacation, safety always comes first. Make sure you always follow simple safety procedures such as wearing a seat belt on your drive to the desert and while you are having fun on a 4×4 Sand dune bashing experience. Even with other activities, make sure you adhere to the instructions of your guide, even while you are climbing on top of a camel for a ride.

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