How to choose your perfect Dubai Desert Safari Experience

A Bedouin desert emirate gradually rose to become a global city over the years. That is what Dubai is today – teeming with acres of metallic ultramodern skyscrapers, luxury shopping malls, and unbelievable iconic structures. Even so, Dubai keeps in touch with its roots. It has made its deserts a significant element to allure tourists to cherish its past and traditional values along with a dash of adventure. The desert makes a perfect playground for city dwellers and tourists to take a break from the urban life and spend recreational time on the sand dunes of Dubai. It is one of the most popular things to do in Dubai for visitors. Locals consider it as their favorite pastime when the city life gets overwhelming.

In a summary, Dubai desert safari is all about experiencing the desert in a whole new way. Most desert safaris in Dubai begin by picking you up from your hotel and then taking a drive to the city outskirts and deep into the desert. Once you reach the desert camp, gear up to experience a host of sand sports, activities, traditional entertainment, and barbeque dinner. Usually, all types of desert safari seem to look alike, but what differs is what activities you include and the time of the day you are choosing. There is something for everyone; all you have to do is book a Dubai desert safari tour as per the suitability of the members travelling with you. Let’s look at the various versions of Desert Safari fun in Dubai that you need to consider to make the right pick:

1. For the adventurer junkies

If you are in Dubai for a couple of days and keen on an adventure experience, love getting adrenaline rushes and not travelling with kids or elders, then a Half Day Desert safari tour is ideal for you. Choose morning tours than afternoon tours as the weather is cooler and refreshing than the scorching afternoon desert sun. You can enjoy 4×4 SUV Dune Bashing which is like a desert roller coaster ride, except there are no fixed tracks. The exhilarating high-speed ride over the uneven sand dunes in the desert is highly exciting and leaves you white knuckled. It is one of the most popular sports among Dubai visitors. Enjoy Quad Biking which is similar to Dune Bashing, the only difference is no one is driving you up and down the sand dunes. You are in full control to ride the vehicle in any ways you want over the sand dunes taking the adrenaline rush a notch up.

2. For mild adventure seekers

Don’t like roller coaster rides? Prone to motion sickness on bumpy rides, then the hardcore desert adventure isn’t fitting for you. But there are other ways to enjoy the excitement in the desert. You can enjoy a slow-paced camel ride to view the shifting golden sand dunes of the desert.

Sand Boarding Dubai Desert Safari
Sand Boarding Dubai Desert Safari

Sand-boarding is another favorite of tourists where you glide down steep sand dunes on a board and try not to tumble into the sand.  Take a desert wildlife safari tour and explore the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve on a nature drive or an E-Fat bike ride while spotting houvara bustard, Arabian Oryx, and sand gazelle. You can even enjoy an interactive Falconry experience and let a trained Harris’s hawk or a desert eagle owl sit on your hand.

3. For a relaxed leisure experience

Want a desert experience minus the adventure? An Evening or Overnight Desert Safari Tour is the best option for families and those in search of a relaxed desert experience. After watching a mesmerizing desert sunset on the gorgeous golden and amber-hued horizon, head to a lovely Bedouin styled camp where you can enjoy Falcon show, belly dance show and try beautiful henna tattoos. Sip of freshly brewed Arabic coffee or a hookah and enjoy the stunning desert ambiance till it is time for you to delve into a traditional Middle Eastern dinner in authentic Bedouin settings. You can even stay back in the camps and spend the night right in the middle of the desert. Hot Air Balloon rides are also an ideal tour for leisure seekers where you can smoothly glide over the endless golden sands of the desert and watch a breathtaking desert sunset or sunrise depending on the type of hot air ballooning experience you choose.

Dubai Desert Safari Air Balloon
Dubai Desert Safari Air Balloon

Other factors to remember while making a reservation for a Desert Safari tour.

1. Price:

You may get Desert Safari Tours from as low as AED 40 to over AED 900! The reason is that best services do not come with cheap prices. While booking a Desert Safari, it is better to opt for better services from reputed travel operators than choosing low-cost facilities that may leave you disappointed and the tour experience worthless. The rates of a desert safari tour depend on the type of services you select. You have the option of budget shared campsite packages which is reasonably priced to private setups in desert camps which have luxury facilities such as drive-in vintage rovers, private dinner set up with exquisite menus and luxury tents for overnight stays.

2. Age and Group size:

 Desert safari tour has something for every genre of tourist, but if you are travelling with children, they might not like to ride on a bumpy dune bashing tour. It is essential for you to take into consideration the age aspect of members travelling with you so that you can decide on what activities to choose that entertains everyone in your group. Also, there are varieties of desert campsites, some of which cater to a very large number of groups. If you are travelling with your spouse, a bunch of friends, or families and are not comfortable to have a crowd at the campsite, It is better to choose small private desert camps or privately set up desert camps which gives more focus to personalized service and good entertainment and facilities.

3. Safari Tour Provider:

Before booking a Desert safari tour, try to research a bit on tour operators, review feedbacks and ask recommendations from friends who have already experienced a Desert safari tour. While making the booking, always ask the tour provider about detailed inclusions, modes of transports and facilities at  the  campsite. Also, it is best to book with a safari provider who manages the whole tour directly.

4. Food Scene: 

Evening and overnight desert safari tours offer traditional Middle Eastern barbeque dinner. Make sure to suggest your food preference clearly during the desert safari booking so that you will not have any inconvenience during the tour. Any special request such as vegetarian food or food allergic elements will be taken into consideration by most desert safari tour operators.

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