Dubai Bucket List – Hot Air Balloon Tours in Dubai

Dubai is a wonderful city filled with amazing attractions and sights. Visitors coming to experience this magnificent emirate must definitely have a list of activities chalked out for their mesmerizing vacation. Nevertheless, Dubai is a city that presents its grandeur through stellar aerial skyline views. Be it from the top of Burj Khalifa or Dubai Frame, or through an exhilarating skydiving experience over Palm Dubai. However, apart from artificial wonders and glittering skyscrapers, Dubai offers another stunning way to experience the scenic view of its nature’s splendour at Dubai’s desert expanse. Taking a hot air balloon ride over the top of its golden sands is one of the pristine ways to step away from the bustling modern city and enjoy a calmer time in the lap of nature’s grandeur.


1. Why should you have hot air ballooning on your Dubai bucket list?

  • Hot air ballooning is one of the unique and adventurous ways to view the Dubai desert. There is a different rush of excitement in floating more than 4000 feet above the vast sun-drenched golden desert. All you can see till the horizon is beautiful golden undulating sand dunes.
  • As you gently glide over the desert, watch the sun casting a spell on the desert expanse and you can see the hues shifting and transforming the desert sand dunes into different shades. This spectacular view is amazing to witness. You also get unobstructed, 360 degree views of the Arabian Desert.
  • Hot air ballooning experience is perfect for romantic interludes, resembling that magic carpet ride over the incredible Arabian deserts. The experience is one of the finest ways to enjoy the desert for those who would not want an adrenaline rushing adventure in the Dubai desert with a Safari adventure. The hot air ballooning experience is a perfect blend of serene settings and mild adventure.
  • The desert looks absolutely stunning and tranquil in early morning rays that sheath the whole desert with gleaming, shimmering amber hues.

2. What can you expect on a hot air ballooning experience in Dubai?

Your adventure can range from a simple hot air balloon ride over the desert to upgraded luxury treats and cultural experiences included in a tour. Hot air ballooning experiences start from AED 1000 onwards and price fluctuated according to inclusions and premiere services. The usual inclusions are one-hour hot air ballooning and pick up and drop off services. Apart from floating above the desert, there are plenty of add-ons you can include in your tour such as

  • Enjoy in-flight falconry shows where these fierce birds show their high-speed flight skills.
  • Spot native wildlife in the midst of the desert such as Arabian oryx and gazelles. if you have a tour booked which takes you on a hot air ballooning ride over the Desert Conservation Reserve in Dubai, you can encounter fascinating wild life viewings.
  • You can have a lavish breakfast after your hot air ballooning ride with a menu apt to satiate your appetite. You can enjoy breakfast for two in gourmet style or choose buffet type and relish a grand breakfast fit for a king.
  • Add a cultural twist by spending time in Bedouin styled tents to relax after the mesmerizing journey instead of rushing back into the city.
  • You can also extend the tour with desert drives and camel rides or go forth and club a desert safari adventure along with this experience to spend a whole day in the enchanting sights of Arabian deserts.

Best time to visit – Early mornings are best suited for hot air ballooning experiences. The city is quiet and it is a peaceful ride into the desert. The sun is mellow and shines gently drenching the desert landscape in golden hues. You can complete the tour by mid-day before the sun becomes scorching hot. An early morning experience will also gift you with a once in a lifetime sunrise viewing from the sky experience.

Hot air ballooning ride is an experience you can enjoy with your beloved, with family and a group of friends. It is also a great way to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or pop the question to your beloved. Hot air ballooning is one of the most popular adventures that visitors want to experience on a Dubai holiday. The picturesque views of the desert are a ‘one of a kind’ experience you will witness in your lifetime.

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