The Ultimate Dubai experience – The Desert Safari

Dubai is a land where tourists and guests experience royalty and luxury in every indulgence. An area of diverse cultures, Dubai offers endless experiences that give you an excellent feel of the rich cultural heritage of Dubai. Now you can venture into a royal off-road experience like never before and get a sneak peek into the Emirati cultural heritage with the Desert Safari. The Desert Safari gives you a rare chance to explore the heart of the Great Arabian Desert on a luxurious 4×4 air-conditioned vehicle with a host of adventurous activities to keep you engaged irrespective of your taste.

There is a host of different packages offered by various tour operators for the Desert Safari. If you opt for transfers, you will get a pick-up and drop-back at your hotel or place of convenience. The Desert Safari offers you a pleasant ride in a luxurious vehicle suited to maneuver through the rough terrain of the golden dunes. You can opt for a private tour or head with a group of 6-8 members. Hold on tight to your side, as you would be moving up and down the beautiful dunes. Check out the silken trail left behind as the vehicle passes through the desert terrain. A short optional dune bashing session is part of your journey. The faint-hearted ones, pregnant ladies, heart patients, and senior citizens should give this journey a skip. Tall, mighty buildings and modern infrastructure will soon run out of your sight as you enter the off-road desert terrain. With sand on both sides, you will be in for a real treat as you kick-start your journey.

Your first stopover would be at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, which offers you an enjoyable experience of the exotic native wildlife residing in the desert. Your journey continues up and down the sand hills, and the second stopover would be at the desert camp where you get an opportunity to indulge in several adventurous activities like applying henna on your hands and legs, sand boarding, quad biking, and camel riding. You will get several click moments during your journey, so make sure you have your camera or smartphone ready to capture them instantly. You can click pictures with the iconic falcon and even the traditional Arabian attire. Your next stopover would depend on the Desert Safari package you take. We would recommend you to try out the overnight safari as it gives you once in a lifetime experience of spending the night beside a bonfire under the moonlit sky.

If you opt for a morning safari, then your journey would end at the desert camp. Do capture the mesmerizing sunrise during your tour. The other safaris give you a chance to catch the stunning sunset that transforms the golden dunes into a dark red color. Some of the rare moments experienced in your life deserve to be captured on your smartphone or camera.

The enchanting Desert Safari offered comes in the following variants:

  • Morning Safari
  • Afternoon Safari
  • Evening Safari
  • Overnight Safari

The overnight & the evening safari come with a delectable dinner at a private setup/familiar grounds at a luxurious desert retreat. The beautifully set Bedouin camp lit with flames of traditional lamps in the dark desert. Enjoy unlimited refreshments or beverages at the desert retreat. Awaken your taste buds with this delightful six-course dinner. You are greeted by a group of gorgeous belly dancers that would tantalize you with their fascinating moves. Relax in the Majlis on the silk carpets supported by soft fluffy cushions next to the bonfire.

If you extend your heritage experience by one night. You can get an overnight camping experience at the desert retreat. Go back in time and revisit the old and traditional Dubai existing before the 2000s era. The campfire set in traditional Arabic style tents with a comfortable mattress, fluffy pillows, and easy to use sleeping bags. Awaken your senses with the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and a delightful gourmet breakfast that would be a perfect way to start your day.

Highlights of the Desert Safari

  • Pick and drop if opted for transfers
  • Explore the exotic Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
  • Adventurous ride up and down the dunes into the heart of the vast Arabic Desert
  • Explore the adventurous desert through optional dune bashing
  • Indulge in adventurous activities like sand boarding, quad biking, applying henna on hands & legs, click photographs with a falcon and in traditional Arabic attire, and a short sunset camel ride to an oasis cabana.
  • Scrumptious international buffet dinner at a luxurious desert retreat set amidst the rolling dunes
  • Greeted by a group of gorgeous belly dancers dancing to favorite Arabic tunes
  • Unlimited soft drinks, tea, and Arabic coffee
  • Local Emirati dishes in a traditionally set Bedouin-inspired camp
  • Separate washroom facilities for both men and women
  • A portion of your package fees is contributed towards local conversation of the desert life

No matter what your age, culture, or background is, the Dubai Desert Safari offers you a fantastic experience, something that you would have never experienced before in your life. Move away from the hustles and bustles of the busy city and an excellent Arabic culture awaits your explorations skills.

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