Dubai Shopping: A Complete Guide for Your Benefit

Dubai shopping though may seem like a simple thing, it is a lot more complex. There’s more to it than simply shopping. If you are a true-blue shopper, you’ll know that there is a lot of planning involved, as Dubai is a shopper’s paradise, and it can get overwhelming as to where and what to shop. But fear not. Here’s a guide for your benefit that will ensure you get the most out of your shopping experience in Dubai.

Dubai Specialties


Dubai Shopping Spice Souk Image

As mentioned above, Dubai was a trading port, and one of the major items that came through here were spices. Today, the spice trade here has become huge. Therefore, spice is a must-buy product in Dubai. Dubai has a dedicated Spice Souk where you can buy the best spices in the city. You can get awesome deals here that will result in awesome savings. Be sure to buy spice in small quantities as they are strong in smell and it might be a hassle for you to carry them back home, with all your luggage smelling like spices. There are other shops as well from where you can buy spice, but the Spice Souk is the best place.


Dubai Shopping Perfume Souk Image

Perfumes are one of the best things to buy in Dubai. U.A.E. has a long tradition of making some of the finest Attars or Ittars (perfumes) in the world. They are made from natural elements and smell great for long periods of time. So, if you do not return back home with some bottles of perfume, your Dubai shopping trip would be considered a waste. You will find Eastern and Western perfumes all over the city, but the best place to buy them would be the Perfume Souk. Located close to the Spice Souk, the Perfume Souk is the best place to get a bargain. If you are good at getting deals, you are guaranteed to come back with awesome perfumes that you can give to your loved ones. You will surely become quite popular.


Dubai Shopping Gold Souk Image

Honestly, you don’t need a guide telling you that you have to buy gold from Dubai. But the guide can tell you from where to buy. Gold is an important item in U.A.E. It is considered a status symbol. It is extensively used in celebrations. It is gifted. It is even used in foods. Gold is everywhere. Therefore, you can find the best gold among things to buy in Dubai for cheap. There are many gold shops all over the city, and in the malls as well. But the best place to buy is the Gold Souk. Home to some world-record setting jewellery, the Gold Souk will leave you wide-eyed with the jewellery on offer. The best thing about this place is that you can bargain on the prices. Where else in the world can you bargain on gold jewellery. Only in Dubai. No wonder the city is considered as Dubai City of Gold, and people come here to exclusively shop for gold.

Do take into consideration the laws of your country while taking back gold. Many countries have limits on imported gold. So, check the laws of your country, lest your gold be taken away at customs.


Pearl Shopping Dubai Image

First, you need to know about the things to buy in Dubai. Before becoming an oil-rich nation, Dubai was a trader nation that was also heavily dependent on fishing and pearl diving. And despite the economic boom, Dubai has still remained strong in their original roots. Therefore, one certain item that you should shop for here is pearls. U.A.E. still manages to find many pearls in their oceans and you can buy some of the most amazing pearl jewelry in the city. Go to any mall, market or souk, you will find awesome pearls. Be sure to buy only natural pearls.


There are a plethora of things that you should buy from Dubai Shopping Tour. They are guaranteed to be of the best quality and reasonably priced. Persian carpet is one such item. There’s Carpet Souk as well, but you can find them all over. Another thing you should buy is Shisha. If you like smoking shisha, you will find the best stuff over here. Other products worth buying are ceramics, crockery, handbags, and dry fruits.

6.Dubai Shopping Festival

The world’s biggest extravaganza is the best time to shop in Dubai. Around the end or beginning of each year, the Dubai Shopping Festival is held in a grand fashion. There are offers, discounts, and deals on all products. From high-end electronics to some of the best travel accessories to the world’s top clothing brands, you can find crazy discounts as high as 70% on them. DSF is the best time to buy these products along with the discount, Dubai’s tax-free status makes them even cheaper.

Almost all the city’s retail stores take part in the festival and shoppers from all over the world come to be a part of it. So, if you can plan it out, be sure to come to Dubai during DSF and partake in one of the most amazing shopping experience.

A Dubai shopping experience cannot be compared to anything else. In fact, there are tour operators that even provide shopping tours that take people to the best shopping places in the city. Such is the popularity of shopping in Dubai. So, ready your Dubai air tickets and visa, and get ready to do shopping worth a lifetime.

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