A magical night in the Arabian Desert

Dubai has played a crucial role in changing the face of the United Arab Emirates on the world tourism map. Dubai’s landscape mostly features the sandy desert patterns with gravel deserts in the southernmost part of the UAE.  An activity equally popular among both locals and tourists is the Desert Safari – an activity that you should never even think missing if you in this region. Although there are several desert safaris to choose from, the overnight Safari is a special one. The Dubai Overnight Desert Safari gives you the ultimate experience of spending a night in the heart of the vast Arabian Desert. One of the thrilling and electrifying journeys you must undertake once in your lifetime.

1. Summary:

The Overnight Desert Safari gives you a fantastic option to explore the heart of the Arabian Desert under the moonlit-sky when the earth comes to a halt in the camp. There are plenty of capture moments during the journey, so a camera is an absolute must.

2. The Kick-off:

The Safari starts with a pickup from your hotel in an airconditioned vehicle till you arrive at the Desert landscape. The group is then transferred into a 4×4 rough terrain vehicle with an experienced driver and a guide. Depending on the indulgences and package inclusions you have opted for, you will be grouped with other travellers. Your enticing desert sand journey kicks-off with a smooth ride up and down the sand gravels leaving a silken trail in the desert. The beautiful landscape of the Dubai desert is up for the grabs for the first time. Your probably first chance to capture a precious moment. You will get to see the wildlife scenario during the trip as you pass through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Hold on to your seats tighter as little more in-depth into the landscape; you get a thrilling round of dune bashing sessions. Few moments of pure thrill and an adrenaline-pumping experience for the junkies – one of the biggest attractions of the desert safari as the vehicles seem to be floating above the dunes. You get a wide range of diverse activities to indulge in the first stopover at the Desert camp. Do try the henna designs, short camel rides, photography in traditional Arabian attire, and an optional round of exciting sand-boarding & quad biking that would be at an additional cost.

The journey further starts up and down the dunes as the colour. The magical sunset is worth experiencing as you get to see the colour of the desert, changing its colour from golden to slightly red as the sun dives into the other corner of the desert. You should not miss capturing this moment as it is magical. It can’t be described in words; you must have a first-hand experience to feel the ambience.

A mouth-watering & delicious barbecue dinner awaits you at the second stopover where a gorgeous group of belly dancers welcomes you. The delightful cuisine spread is designed, keeping in mind the diverse range of tourists visiting the camp. The magical ecstasy of a blue Arabian adventure in the night has just begun. After the tasty dinner, enjoy the wind striking the sand and share some ‘me’ or romantic moments under the star-studded blue sky. We have a bonfire session to keep you warm in the night. It does get a bit cold as it gets deeper into the night.  If you are tired and want to get cosy in a blanket, then we have all the facilities to give you a good-night sleep. The sky is the limit when it comes to having fun during the Dubai Desert Safari.

Finally, conclude your trip by waking up to a delightful breakfast at the bed. After enjoying a delicious breakfast, you will get dropped off at your hotel or any other place of convenience.

3. Highlights:

  • A night under the moonlit sky in the vast Arabian sand gravels
  • Plenty of live entertainment and fun
  • Wide-range of activities promising complete fun & entertainment
  • Delightful cuisine spread to match the taste of several tourists
  • Best price guarantee
  • Pickup & drop-off at your hotel

A rare experience of the myriad flavours of the Dubai Emirate courtesy of the whole gamut of indulgences during this trip. The golden dunes of this region come to life during this exciting journey. If you are still unsure of your journey, talk to our experts on why you should never miss out on this trip.

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