Welcome to the new culinary capital of the western world in Dubai

Dubai is locally referred as the new culinary capital of the world due to its exciting dining destinations and multicultural, diverse cuisines. Catering to all kinds of tastes, Dubai has welcomed several Michelin-starred chefs from all over the world. Get ready to be spoilt for choices considering the options available at your disposal. We have prepared some of the unique local delicacies that is a must try during your holiday in Dubai.

1. Mutton achar handi at Ravi Restaurant in Satwa

A beautiful dish represents the big heart of the expats residing in Dubai. The one served at Ravi’s is a complete Pakistani entertainer. A fusion of delightful spices and fresh green chilies will surely leave you speechless at one second and craving for a second serve the very next second. Although the prices vary across seasons, you can enjoy this dish for around Dhs22 at Ravi’s.

2. Koshri at Al Ammor at Zabeel Road

One of the most comforting dishes you can ever have. The one served at Al Ammor has high Egyptian influences. The vegetarian version consists of baked noodles, lentil, and chickpea with a tray of several condiments to match your taste. You can add a pinch of chili, slight vinegar, and crispy onions to this dish to create a delightful version. If you are into carbs, then add a scoop of freshly baked cheese-fatayer bread. You can get the dish for Dhs12 at Al Ammor. Prices may vary depending on the season.

3. Pan-seared scallops at Park Hyatt Dubai

The classical trained French master chefs have created this caramelized version of this dish that has a crisp coating. Served in pink blushed clam shells gives a protective layer to the plump and juicy version in its interiors. The Friday brunch at the Park Hyatt Dubai sees plenty of free-flowing delightful Pan-seared scallops served to their guests and visitors. You can grab this dish for Dhs95 at Park Hyatt Dubai

4. Rice Cheong Fun at Homey

Homey at Jumeirah Lakes Towers still carries this Szechwan delicacy on its Chinese menu due to its immense popularity and demand. The Rice Cheong Fun is a tightly wrapped roll prepared with rice flour and given a bright red color using a food color. A delightful dish for a quick bite and a handful of flavored prawns tucked inside. Get this dish for approximately Dhs28 at Homey.

5. Pink diamond oysters at BiCE

The BiCE at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort serves its guest’s plumpy oysters with pink tinge colored shells that are exclusive to this restaurant. The guests and visitors got so fascinated and impressed with the taste and design of the dish that they carry back the memento after getting the shells cleaned up. One of the recipes that are yummy and act as perfect appetizers to the main course.

6. Shakshouka at Omnia Gourmet

The Omnia Gourmet placed at the Jumeirah Fishing harbor comes with an oceanfront location, cake counters stacked with raw and vegan desserts, and with a celebrity chef Silvena Rowe attached to its name, then any restaurant would catch the attention of the crowd. But the showstopper is the egg shakshouka that makes the crowd come back again for more. Poached eggs flavored with tomatoes and peppers with a pinch of chili and a creamy feta topping cooked slowly in a terracotta pot. Serve it freshly baked slices of sourdough.

7. Carrot Cake at Lime Tree Café

You will find several carrot cakes around every corner of Dubai, but the one at Lime Tree Café on Jumeirah Beach road is something special. The version of carrot cake here is double-layered are loaded with walnuts and shaved carrots before given a heavy coating of cream cheese frosting.

8. Smoke peppered mackerel spread at Fume

The version served at Dubai Marina soars above all other versions found elsewhere in Dubai due to its smooth and creamy texture. The smooth spread has equal smoky parts, sea-salt, and fishy taste. Use it as a spread on a sourdough bread with smoked butter and a pinch of lava salt, and you are good to go. You can get this dish for Dhs40 at Fume.

Other favorite dishes to try out

1. Manousheh

One of the perfect picks for a luxurious and scrumptious breakfast. Flatbread or stretched dough garnished with alluring toppings like earthy zaatar herbs, olive oil, and salty Akkawi cheese. Give the dish a creamy sour flavor with sweet jam, minced lamb, sour labneh, and eggs. You can create your variant though to suit your taste.

2. Chelo Kebab

Basmati rice flavored with saffron served with a pinch of butter on kebabs, one of the delicious delicacies served in Dubai. Spike this dish with fragrant dill or sour zereshk to create a tasty version.

3. Al Harees

A traditional Dubai dish that uses a mixture of meat, wheat, and slight salt and then baked for some hours to produce this beautiful recipe that will make you demand a second serving. A favorite dish during the Ramadan and the Eid season, weddings, and special occasions. Spike it with some butter, and powdered cinnamon along with some sugar and you are good to go.

4. Iranian Sangak

One of the top delicacies of Dubai that is a bread lover’s pure delight. This Iranian flatbread is prepared with whole wheat and served in rectangular shape or plain. Add some basil and Bulgarian feta, and you would have a delightful version.

5. Al Machboos

A fantastic fusion of rice, onions, and meat flavored with spices, dried lemon, and salt creates one of the zesty flavors of Dubai. Add some salad and yogurt, and it is usually served on a large platter so that everyone consumes it from the same plate.

Create your own delightful version with these local delicacies, and you would have a treat for your taste buds to savor.

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