Dubai Desert Safari Tours

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Desert Safari in Dubai offers an experience that you would not receive anywhere else in the city. The desert safari Dubai takes you away from the crowded and opulent city of Dubai to the vast desert complete with golden sand dunes and breathtaking beauty. The best thing is that Dubai Desert Safari offers you various options when it comes to desert safari experiences. Right from the simple dinner in desert to the more elaborate overnight desert safari, you would be spoilt for choice. With our Dubai desert safari tours, we promise you an incredible experience and lot of happy memories to take back home.

Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai

135 AED

Duration : 6 hours

Our desert safari dubai tour allows you to take in the beauty of desert landscape while indulging in a host of thrilling activities.

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Dinner In the Desert Dubai

Dinner in Desert

135 AED

Duration : 5 hours

Get ready for multi-course culinary experience amidst a mind blowing desert land rich in culture and natural splendors.

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Morning Desert Safari With Camel Riding

Morning Safari-Camel Riding

275 AED

Duration : 4 hours

We are committed to offer you the best deal. Choose this combo morning safari with camel riding tour & experience a unique trip.

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Hatta Mountain Safari Dubai

Hatta Mountain Safari

250 AED

Duration : 6 hours

Book adventurous Hatta Mountain Safari in a 4x4 vehicle with Enjoy unlimited fun!

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Morning Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari

150 AED

Duration : 3 hours

Breathtaking authentic desert experience awaits you! We bring morning desert safari camel riding and quad biking

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 Hummer Desert Safari Dubai

Hummer Desert Safari

350 AED

Duration : 6 hours

A revitalizing escape from tiring clamor of city! Check out our hummer desert safari & experience the eternal beauty of the Arabian Desert!

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Red Dunes Safari Dubai

Red Dune Safari

300 AED

Duration : 6 hours

Enjoy the excitement of Red Dune Safari adventure tour with belly, tanura dancing show and BBQ delicious dinner.

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Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Overnight Safari

400 AED

Duration : 16 hours

Choose our overnight desert safari to experience classic Arabian luxury interwoven with attentive service and great culinary ambience.

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How to Choose Best Desert Safari Dubai?

The Emirate city of Dubai is home to marvellous experiences, most of them unique to the place. The desert safari is one such experience. The desert safari is the best way to not only view the beautiful and mysterious desert dunes of the city but also to enjoy the Arabic culture and hospitality. The only problem is that there are hoards of desert safaris available, and you would be confused about which would be the best for you. However, with proper research, you would be able to find the best desert safari Dubai for you, i.e. the one that fits your budget, requirements and expectations.

Types of Desert Safari

When it comes to the types of desert safaris, you are definitely spoilt for choice. You can choose amongst regular or evening desert safari, morning desert safari, overnight safari, Hatta Mountain safari, Red Dune Safari and many others. The activities and entertainment you experience would be different for every type of desert safari. If you want to experience the adventurous side of the desert, you would be able to indulge in dune bashing, camel riding, quad biking, sandboarding, etc. On the other hand, the evening desert safari includes all these along with entertainment activities and dinner as well. Hence, be careful when you book a desert safari in Dubai so that you get what you want.

Camp Type and Group Size

The type of camp and group size is one of the major factors to consider while booking a desert safari. Here are the options you have to choose from:

  • Shared Camps: These camps are organized by a group of companies. So, you would have guests of other companies along with you. While the desert safari experience remains the same, the quality of service would not be up to the mark. However, if you are looking for a low budget desert safari, this is your best bet.
  • Large Private Camp: Conducted by a tour company, this type of desert safari camp would have anywhere around 500-600 guests. While the service is better than shared camps, you would experience a few problems like long queues for the buffet, a crowded desert and minimal personalized service. Nevertheless, if you feel safe and comfortable with a large number of people, this would be best for you.
  • Small Private Camps: If you want to experience a more personalized affair, the small private camp would be something you would like. Accommodating around 100 guests, this desert safari is less crowded and gives you the chance to enjoy the safari without running into other guests. It is more relaxing and great for celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries with your friends and family.
  • Private Safari Camp: If you do not want to be disturbed by anyone, there is nothing better than the private safari. Perfect for 2 or just your family or group of friends, you would get the best personalized services at this safari camp. Yes, it would be expensive but so are most good things in life!
Type of Food

Most desert safari experiences include food, except perhaps morning desert safari. Nevertheless, it is always better to confirm about availability and type of food before you book. Most desert safaris offer BBQ buffet. If you are a vegetarian, you need to ask whether vegetarian food is available. Another question to ask is whether the food would be prepared at the desert camp or would it be pre-cooked. In case of the latter, how long before it would be cooked. Remember that you are paying for the food when it comes to desert safari and hence should be served the best.

Wholesaler or Safari Provider

When you are searching for desert safari Dubai, you would find two types of service providers. The wholesaler is the one who is associated with two or more companies and do not have any authority or control on the quality of the services. In this case, you need to ask the name of the company and research about the reputation of that company before you book your desert safari. On the other hand, the safari provider is a company that conducts their own desert safari camp. They not only have control of the services provided but will also be able to provide customizations to the guests. While it is always best to opt for the safari provider, the wholesaler would be best if you are on a shoestring budget.

Company or Freelance Staff

It is extremely important to know whether the staff at the desert camp is company staff or freelancers. Although there are really good freelancers, you may come across not-so-good ones too. As they are not associated with any particular company, they would not have access to all the company resources and may not have any clue about facilities and such other things. Also, you would not be able to complain if something goes wrong. On the other hand, you do not have to worry with the company staff. They are trained by the company and would be adept to help you at every point.


The reputation of the desert safari company in Dubai is the most important. Ask for suggestions from friends and family who have gone on desert safari Dubai before. Apart from this, you can check out travel websites and forums to know people's opinions on desert safari companies. You can also check out at your hotel reception for suggestions on desert safaris.

Whatever is your budget and requirements, one thing is that the desert safari in Dubai is something you should not miss. It is a unique experience that would definitely be the highlight of your holiday.