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Red Dune Safari


The Red Dune Safari in Dubai is definitely the most adventurous tour package that we offer. Apart from being strikingly beautiful, the red dunes have the wildest landscape too, making it a really interesting place. Hence, the Red Dune Safari promises lot of fun, entertainment and adventure.

The tour begins with a ride in a luxurious 4x4 vehicle which would take you to the depths of this beautiful desert. The ride over the dunes can become little more adventurous if you want to indulge in some dune bashing. Nevertheless, the ride of the desert ends at the Bedouin style camp where you would get to enjoy authentic Arabian hospitality. You would be served with delicious Arabian coffee and luscious dates on arrival. This is followed by a scrumptious meal of Arabic cuisine. While you enjoy the BBQ and other dishes, you can watch professional dancers performing Tanura and belly dancing.

If your idea of spending an evening involves spending time amidst nature in a peaceful way, this tour package is absolutely right for you. If you want to know more about this particular desert safari tour or any of our other tour packages, feel free to call us or write to you. Our expert is also available on chat 24x7 online.

What are included in the package?

  • Tour of the marvellous, vast desert
  • Exhilarating dune bashing experience
  • Delicious Arabic coffee with dates
  • BBQ meal
  • Entertainment activities with belly dancing and Tanura dancing

Red Dune Safari

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Red Dune Safari

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